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Caring for your baby before birth

Both the mother and father have to work together for in the proper upbringing of a child. The parenting responsibility comes as soon as the baby is conceived and the father should be as much a part of the unborn baby’s life as the mother. Continue reading

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Quit Smoking Cigarette

Quitting smoking can be difficult, but you must know that if you stop smoking, you can counter the single largest preventable cause of death in the world today. Make a quit smoking plan and follow it to prevent illnesses related to the heart and lungs. Continue reading

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Foods that can help increase your Metabolism

A fast metabolism keeps your body healthy and fit. You can improve your metabolism by adding proteins, fibre and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with regular exercise. Continue reading

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Everyday ways to lower blood pressure

Drug-free high blood pressure treatments have been scientifically proven and can really pay off if you take the time to explore them. They may not be easy, but once you learn the techniques, you can use them anywhere and they’ll add years to your life. Continue reading

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Adopt a low carb lifestyle

Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating meals with fewer carbohydrates. It not only helps in reducing weight, but also prevents various illnesses and health problems. Continue reading

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Loose a few inches here and there with Ardha Salabhasana

Yoga exercises like the Ardha Salabhasana, also known as the Half Locust Pose are highly effective when it comes to losing fat from the thighs and hips. Continue reading

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Breast feeding versus Bottle feeding

Ideally, infants and new born babies should be breastfed for the first 12months, but this is not what’s happening. Mothers start off by breast feeding, but they don’t take long to shift to the bottle. Continue reading

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Stages in Child Development – Unleashing the trapped genius in your child

There are four periods of the child’s cognitive development which include the period of sensory-motor, the period of sensory-motor, the concrete-operational period and the formal-operational period. At each of these stages, the child depends on adults for the understanding of the world he confronts. Continue reading

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Stay Healthy and Slim

Obesity has become a common problem among people of all ages, but you can counter it by following a healthy diet plan, along with regular exercise. Continue reading

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Healthy fixes for your office chair

Adopting your office chair to fit as if it were made-to-order can make life a lot easier on your back. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to sit on your office chair. Continue reading

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