Benefits of Aerobics Exercise – Common questions answered

Aerobic exercises have a lot of health benefits, and a regular aerobic exercise program can help you live longer, stay healthier and also helps in weight control. Here are some commonly asked questions related to aerobics.

Q. How would you define aerobics?

A. Aerobics literally means to exercise in the presence of oxygen. It comes from the word aerobe which means that which lives on free oxygen from the air. Aerobics exercise is an activity that keeps the breath coming deeper and your heart beating faster for a sustained period of time.

Aerobics Exercise

Q. How does such an exercise help?

A. When you work out aerobically you strengthen your heart and lungs giving yourself more energy and vitality than you ever felt before.

Q. What is necessary for an exercise to be considered Aerobic?

A. Firstly, it must be a steady non-stop activity. Secondly, it must be sustained for a minimum period of fifteen minutes. Thirdly, one must exercise at least thrice a week.

Q. Are there really many benefits of Aerobics?

A. The benefits of getting into shape are more than skin deep. It isn’t such a chore either. Once you begin to diet and exercise on a regular basis you discover that there is much more to be gained than just achieving a nice figure. When you become fit you feel wonderful too. Your energy, strength and vitality increases. Your self confidence is built up and certainly a better outlook on life prevails.

Q. Why is regular exercise so important?

A. One must try to look at exercise as a way of life not as something you’ll just be doing for a while until you reach the desired weight level. Concentrate on making fitness a habit. New eating patterns and regular exercise is something you’ll want to do as long as you live. People who stay slim and shapely know the importance of regular exercise and sound eating habits.

Q. What advantage does Aerobics have over ordinary exercises?

A. It helps in spot reducing, in removing tension and anxiety, in improving complexion and preventing wrinkles. While Aerobics does not actually stop the ageing process it helps avoid the problems normally associated with growing old for example lethargy, flabbiness and depression. It also helps you to be more aware of your emotions as well as rods you of frustrations and anxiety.

Q. Do modern times need Aerobics?

A. In these times of stress, one cannot avoid being under strain, but better ways can be found to cope with it. We all know that a fit body begets a healthy mind. Studies reveal that Aerobic Fitness helps alleviate every day stress, makes one look and feel really good and improves the cardio respiratory system without causing severe strain to your heart. It also burns off calories as well as decreases permanent body fat keeping it look fit and trim.

Q. Are there any rules to follow in Aerobic exercise?

A. In Aerobics warm up and cool down are extremely important. The perfect combination includes ten minutes of warm up, fifteen minutes of Aerobics or spot reducing and ten minutes of cool down.

Q. What are women’s common figure problems?

A. Everyone wants to look sleek, slim and healthy. The main complaints are in the area from the waist to the knees. Figure problems are usually caused not only by excess fat but by muscles that are out of shape. Muscles in this part of the body are important in several ways. For instance they affect your energy level, your posture and your figure, so one suffers three fold. Once you start Aerobics Workouts muscles firm up no matter what shape you are in. You can look and feel better sooner than you think.

Q. Does a planned Aerobics programme help the figure?

A. You may have tried to diet off your extra inches as paying attention to what one eats is essential for health, but weight loss alone will not bestow one with a firm and shapely figure. One needs well toned muscles for a good physique. Therefore, a regular planned exercise programme is necessary.

Q. What is Warm up, Spot reducing and Cool Downs?

A. Warm up: Before beginning Aerobics one must do a five to ten minutes warm-up. This period consists of the same activity you will be doing aerobically but only at a slower pace and gradually increasing. The warm up prepares the body for the coming work out and acts like a precaution to be taken against injuries and muscle soreness. It stimulates the heart and lungs moderately as well as blood flow, muscle and blood temperature. A complete warm up will stretch muscles and tendons in preparation for more forceful contractions.

Spot reducing: These exercises are muscle toners and are the most strenuous of the whole programme. They hit at the areas that you intend to reduce and firm up. They also help burn up calories and improve body shape while strengthening the heart and lungs, building stamina and flexibility. Just remember to take the stretches slowly at first. As the ligaments gradually loosen your stretches will go farther.

Cool Down: As important as the warm up is, the cool down period begins after the 15mins of aerobic exercise. Cool down means tapering off period by continuing your aerobic exercises but at a lowered intensity to gradually allow your training rate to decrease. This is also performed for five to ten minutes. The cool down allows the muscles to assist in pumping the blood back to the heart. If you end a work out abruptly your heart continues to send blood to the muscles for several minutes. Since the muscles are no longer contracting, blood may pool up in the muscles resulting in insufficient blood for other organs of the body thus causing dizziness and weakness.

Q. What else commends Aerobics?

A. One should choose the form of exercise that suits one’s temperament and life style best. If followed properly, a 35 to 45 minutes Aerobic work-out leaves one feeling refreshed, energetic and looking wonderful too. Experts say it also appears to extend life and combat cardio vascular and respiratory diseases.

It takes effort but the reward is worth it – A wiser healthier you.

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